What does Yoga Mean to you?

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The practice of yoga offers many different gifts to many different people. Traditionally the word yoga is defined as “to yoke” or to create “a union.” The union or the yoking that this definition speaks to is the creation of a union between the heart and the mind. Once this union is created one experiences an inner calm and quiet, …

Revolutionize your Resolutions

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I remember taking a teacher training with Shiva Rea in 2013 that went over New Years Eve and Day and it revolutionized my view of the new year and resolutions. Prior to that training I had never really been a fan of New Years. I always felt that the parties, celebrations and resolutions around self-improvement seemed so false and manufactured. Not to …

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How Yoga Can Support and Build Community

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If you have ever spent time consistently practicing at a yoga studio, you know that a yoga studio can become a centre for sangha or kula, which are Sanskrit words that mean community. Over time, a studio begins to embody much more than the classes it has to offer. Although those classes form the foundation for the community that grows in and around the …