Learn about the various styles of classes offered at Shala Yoga below, then check out our class schedule.

Community Classes

Shala Yoga is committed to making yoga accessible to all members of our community, regardless of their financial situation, therefore we will be bringing back our Pay-What-You-Can Community Classes with the Fall Schedule.

Community Classes provide newer teachers with a space to grow their teaching roots. Although newer to teaching, each teacher is still well-trained and looking forward to gaining experience refining their teaching style. We also encourage newer teachers to attend Community Classes to practice with and learn from each other. Classes are Pay-What-You-Can and all proceeds will go to the Shamanic Yoga Institute. This is a great option for those with a limited budget to still experience the incredible benefits of yoga. All Levels Welcome.


Past & Future Classes

Motherhood Wellness

The Motherhood Wellness Sessions are designed to support women in their Re-Birth into motherhood. While most ‘mom and baby’ classes, programs and appointments focus primarily on the wellbeing of the baby, this class is focused primarily on nurturing, uplifting and empowering mothers. This is more than an exercise class - this is mind, body, & energy medicine for women going through the great initiation of motherhood.

This session is ideal for women who have their midwife/doctor's approval to resume exercise, and babies who are not yet mobile. Please note the studio space is not baby-proofed for little movers.
Parent and Child Yoga

In a warm and welcoming environment, this playful class will help children and their parents learn relaxation and mindfulness techniques, gain greater awareness of body-mind connection, increase flexibility, and develop balance, coordination, and motor skills. Partner poses will create opportunities to connect, bond, communicate and laugh with your child. Take the time as a family to build confidence, self-esteem and strong, healthy bodies while exploring the joys of yoga. This class is for school aged children and at least one adult participant per child.

Men's Yoga

Therapeutic-based Yoga practice for men that combines movement, stretching, breathing and meditation techniques to support flexibility, mobility, strength, nervous system regulation and relaxation. Whether you are brand new to yoga, a desk jockey, or an avid outdoor enthusiast wanting to prevent injuries or recover, this well-rounded and approachable class is for you!