Yoga is the union with oneself.  Whether you practice on a mat, cooking in your kitchen or speaking with your family.  It is a presence we hope to carry on and off our mats into our daily lives where we can experience life from a place of truth, courage and love.  In my life, yoga is a deep practice of self care, compassionate love and discipline.
I received my 200 hour training with the Shamanic Institute of Yoga in 2015 and have continued to expand my knowledge and experience as a teacher each day.  I am deeply inspired by the Squamish Yoga Community, where there is so much knowledge, dedication and love for this practice.  In my classes, I enjoy teaching pranayam, sound vibration, and asana to help the mind become steady, and begin to move to a deeper space, physically and mentally.
I invite you to take the time to bring stillness and presence into your life.  See you on the mat.

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