Christine SeldaYoga is my soft place to land, and my strictest teacher. Living my yoga is the point for me. The great teachings of yoga speak to me in a strength that has made me vulnerable and courageous enough to sing. I currently find my practice and teaching immersed in bhakti yoga and the study of kirtan and scriptures with my beloved harmonium.
I have been teaching yoga since 1998. I was blessed to study very early in my yogic teaching vocation in India for a year with B.K.S. Iyengar and Dr. Karandikar in Pune. This experience I am still unpacking and sourcing from in my teaching today. My formal certification came at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Kerala, India.
I hold a Masters of Arts and Psychology degree and I am currently a Phd candidate in Expressive Arts therapy, education and social change. I have a private practice in clinical counselling and the healing arts since 2004. I am founder of the Shamanic Yoga Institute. We offer Yoga Teacher Trainings, Medicine Wheel trainings, run a non- profit ‘Friends of Stawamus Society’ and two karma yoga programs. I am currently a visiting tutor at Quest University Canada teaching in the social sciences. Most of all I am mother to River, Jasper and Cedar, my beautiful teachers that are my children.
In my classes you can expect a strong, safe space to be held for you. It is my intention to foster growth for all who come to my classes. The growth may occur in the body, breath, in affairs of the world, family matters, the relationship of the self to the Self, or to the Divine. The action of this yoga is gentle, penetrating and pervasive. We will chant, set intentions, practice pranayama and asana in all classes. Each class will touch on the philosophies that yoga is built on as an offering to the students to deepen their connection to the roots of the yoga practice.

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