Elizabeth’s life is richly filled with simplicity as she nurtures her family and community in the ways of her parents and grandparents before her – with prayer, soulful presence, human connection, gardening, home cooked meals, music and play. This simplicity was inspired by a life that had grown chaotic. Fresh out of high school, and burning the candle at both ends, she managed to earn two Bachelor degrees with honors (Nursing and Kinesiology), fulfill a leadership role on the highly competitive University of Calgary Dinos hockey team, earn her Registered Nurse designation, run the Honolulu marathon and start a full-time career at the Alberta Children’s Hospital – all in just five years. At the end of this period she was emotionally burned out and physically very unwell. In the process of regaining her health, she directly experienced the profound healing powers of yoga, breath work, reiki and a plant-based diet. Without hesitation, she stepped out of the life she worked so hard to create, and stepped onto the path of her true calling. She now lives to inspire remembrance of one’s True Nature through her work teaching yoga, practicing massage and Reiki and through her creation of accessible, spiritually uplifting community events, like the West Coast Yoga Festival. Her heart and her work are deeply inspired by her teacher, Tina Pashumati James.