I took my first 200 HR teacher training through what is now the Vancouver School of Yoga in 2009, with a strong focus on Hatha and Vinyasa. I followed up with an 80 HR certification in Hot Yoga from YYoga with the inimitable Kristin Campbell in 2011. In 2012, I added Pilates to my repertoire after finishing my certification in Classical Mat Level 1 with Laura Phelps in Victoria, BC. I then spent the next 3 years teaching Hot, Pilates, Flow and Power in North and West Vancouver, mainly for YYoga. In 2015 I attended a Power Vinyasa Intensive Teacher Training with the amazing Clara Roberts-Oss and began incorporating the Prana Flow style made famous on the east coast into my classes on the North Shore.

My style and sequencing is challenging and invigorating. I aim to safely guide your practice by focusing on alignment and execution, while also allowing you the space to breathe deeply and really feel intuitively your body’s needs. With a background in dance, I love to weave postures together with musical accompaniment. It is my belief that in order to tap into the bodies’ full potential and in order to quiet the mind enough to do so we must fuel our inner fire, the tapas, and burn brightly from the inside out. This is how we become the physical and metaphysical manifestation of Namaste: the divine light dwelling within us greeting that of another in communion.

When body and soul align, everything falls into place and you feel calm, weightless and free. This is yoga. What I love about this practice is how it encourages each of us to build an awareness that evolves over time: months, years, a lifespan. This awareness can teach us not only how to fly on our hands and create the most beautiful shapes, it can teach us about honesty, integrity and love.