Natalie Byers Jones Yoga Teacher British Columbia

Natalie has practised yoga since 2012 when she found a book in the charity shop (thrift store) while in university. She was immediately impressed with her ability to sleep a little more soundly that night and sit up a little straighter in the library the next day; She then became hooked on the physical practice and has steadily journeyed deeper into yoga’s other realms. Fascinated by the simplicity and also the infinite depth that movement and breath combined can have on the mind and Self, she will forever be a student to the practise of yoga.

She has been slowly cultivating her experiences and exploring methods of yoga, originally following the lineage of Sri Pattabhi Jois and Ashtanga Yoga studying at the home of Astanga yoga in Mysore India. However, since settling in BC a year ago, Natalie has been utterly inspired by the incredible teachers here and has recently completed training as an apprentice with Rebekka Walker for an Anusara inspired teacher training. Her sankalpa, intention for both her own practice and as a teacher, is to ‘Liberate the Magic’ which she believes is within each of us.

With a lot of learning still to do, but an unparalleled community around her in Squamish, she strives to continuously dig deep for her own practice and now as a teacher for others. She absolutely loves to help people turn inward for a new perspective, ignite and curate their breath and body consciously and to completely let-go in a dreamy savasana. If not on the mat she’ll be outside whatever the weather and season connecting to and riding natures beautiful flows.