Retreat Description:

As the leaves fall and animals retreat we take our queue from nature to SURRENDER INWARD. So much about the ancient practices are about returning to nature – within and without.

SURRENDER INWARD brings us to sweet communion with nature on the grounds of Bowen Island for four days and three nights of attention to movement, breathing, resting, and being.

In Ayurveda, autumn is the season of vata- when the element of air is strongest. With Chinese Medicine, fall time is dominated by the organ systems of the lungs and skin. Both of these traditions emphasize the quality of breath through the skin and lungs as we draw inward towards winter. It is vital to enter ancient practices at times when they are most potent.

Days will begin and end with asana, qigong, meditation and Nidra to ignite the body with nourishing breath. You’ll enjoy space to savour sumptuous meals, laughter to ease the spirit, and moments to tune in to the wisdom of your nature. Shed the unnecessary and fill the chambers of your heart. Surrender Inward.

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  • Non-resident participation (Yoga & Meals) $400
  • Accomodation, Yoga and Food price range from $875 to $950 depending on the room – triple occupancy, double or single
  • EARLY BIRD SAVE $75 BEFORE April 30 2019. $300 non-refundable deposit required.

When: November 14-17 2019
Where: Nectar Yoga B&B, Bowen Island, BC