Samantha believes anyone can benefit from the practice of yoga regardless of experience or age and indulge in the incredible transformation that follows. She has been practicing yoga for 15 years and became a yoga instructor in 2014. After studying neuroscience and kinesiology she found the science behind yoga to be an integral part of her practice. In her classes, she aspires to create a secure, comfortable and fun space where one can surrender and leave the everyday stressors outside the studio to balance the mind and body. Samantha encourages students to personalize their practice and therefore she uses trauma-sensitive language to create a space where everyone can listen to their own body’s wisdom first and her suggestions second. Her classes integrate strengthening postures and mindful breathwork into a creative flow that will increase your flexibility, energy, and stability, not only on the mat but in everyday life. Samantha classes are for all levels; whether you want to challenge yourself with balance and strength or work on relaxation and grounding, she will provide a safe place to practice your unique intentions and have fun.