Tanya Skok Hobbs Yoga Studio Owner British Columbia

Tanya first started her yoga journey 10 years ago, while living in Asia.  However, it took Tanya a while to truly discover the beauty and depth of the practice.  It wasn’t until she was suffering from old injuries related to playing high-level sports during university that she began to experience the healing aspects of the practice and it changed her life, moving her away from her corporate job to a life of following the path of yogaing.

Tanya enjoys integrating the other limbs of the practice and bhakti into her offerings. She also focuses on alignment, and encourages a tuning into ones internal intelligence so that yoga becomes a practice of feeling integrated from the inside out. She enjoys creative and playful sequencing, moving the body in new and unpatterned ways.

For Tanya the breath is crucial not only to life itself, but also to developing ones practice, letting the breath guide the body through the postures, versus the mind.  The focus on the breath assists in creating a fluid and seamless practice, igniting the soul.

Tanya believes and has experienced that the practice of yoga has the power to heal our bodies, and calm our over-active minds. She is passionate about life and the journey the lies ahead and feels that yoga is integral to that unfolding.

When not on her yoga mat, Tanya can be found playing in nature – hiking, mountain biking or skiing.  When not in the great outdoors, she can be found at home snuggled up reading, taking long baths, caring for her garden, and spending time with those she love.