The Brightest Rainbows come after the Darkest Storms…

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As we prepare to meet back in studio, I’ve been reflecting on the past few months and the journey we’ve all been on.

When Shala first decided to close it’s doors to protect the community against the spreading threat of COVID-19, I felt a lot of pressure to move our classes online to fill the gap the community was experiencing.

However, something inside of me felt resistant to the concept. Logistically, it was challenging. We are a small, family run studio and just didn’t have the capacity to do much beyond taking care of our very young children.

I was also navigating through my own fear and anxiety about everything that was going on in the world, and to be perfectly honest, decided in the end that I needed to completely unplug to be able to stay present and in the moment for my little ones.

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking of you all every single day and holding each of you in my heart.

The concept of online yoga is an interesting one. There is obviously a need for it, particularly with what the world is currently experiencing. And I’m so grateful so many other studios and teachers have been able to make this offering available. I have no doubt it will continue to find its place in the world of yoga as we all navigate back to what our “new normal” will be.

To me, however, yoga is about so much more than just asana. It’s about the feeling you get when you walk into the studio and experience the silence and peace after a noisy or chaotic day. It’s about hearing the student next to you let out a huge sigh of release in a posture and realizing you’re not the only one who needs to let go of “stuff”. It’s about giggling together when we fall out of poses and feeling that camaraderie… sourcing strength from each other to keep trying and trying again and again.

Deciding whether or not to attempt to open our doors again was a very difficult decision. As all other small businesses experienced over these past few months, Shala experienced a great loss and climbing that mountain of financial barriers and new protocols felt like it was just all too much to take on.

But almost every day that we were closed, I went to the river searching for answers, trying to understand what spirit was asking of me. To take on this space and pour so much of my heart into it, only to permanently close our doors just a few months later just didn’t make any sense. To never really have the opportunity to experience what offering my vision to the world could feel like made my heart so heavy with forecasted regret. In the end, as it did when the opportunity to take on the space arose, something deep inside of me just kept saying YES and slowly but surely, we found a way to move forward and piece it all back together again.

So many spaces of yoga have not been able to find their way back to re-opening and it absolutely breaks my heart to think of each and every one of those thriving communities disassembled and owners’ dreams shattered. My thoughts are with each of them every single day and I pray that Shala can sustain keeping our doors open so that we can continue to provide a sacred space for practice.

Shala can be translated as “House of Yoga” and I am holding the vision that this space will continue to be a place where when we walk through that door, we all have that feeling of coming home.

The light that yoga sheds on life is transformative. Whether it’s in the body, mind or spirit, I believe yoga can help us to facilitate a deeper understanding of ourselves and illuminate a radiant path to wholeness and I am just so grateful we have found a way to open our doors again to provide a “Shala” for you all.

See you soon xo

Much love and light,
The Cronier Family