Bhakti Yoga In Squamish

Discover the Path of Devotion

Discover the Path of Devotion with Bhakti Yoga

The Essence of Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga is a soulful practice fusing yogic tools and techniques, including mantra, mudra, pranayama, asana, meditation and visualization, to enhance your transformative yoga experience. It adds a devotional element to your physical practice to connect you deeper with your divinity. Come with an open mind and heart, and get ready to dive deep.

A tranquil yoga student meditates in a seated position on a mat, with eyes closed and hands resting on knees in a mudra, conveying a sense of peace and mindfulness at Shala Yoga studio in Squamish

Core Elements of Bhakti Yoga

The most significant practices that are to be found in Bhakti Yoga are:

  • Mantra Chanting: The very core of Bhakti where particular phrases are recited to bring mental focus and union with the Divine.

  • Pranayama: Special breathing processes by which mental and physical health is promoted.

  • Mudras: Hand gestures that stimulate heart energy and promote a sense of oneness.

Yoga instructor demonstrates a seated side stretch, with extended arm creating a graceful line, focused and serene in a peaceful yoga studio setting, indicative of the classes at Shala Yoga studio in Squamish.

Experience a Bhakti Yoga Class

The following is incorporated into our classes:

  • Devotional Practices: These include singing, meditation, mantras, and rituals.

  • Physical Aspects: This involves a combination of the fiery flowing movements, which bring to life the heart chakra and the spiritually rich aspects of Bhakti.

  • Heart-based Approach: Love, gratitude, connection with the divine.

  • Spiritual Growth: Greatening one's spiritual recall and awareness of self.

Focused yoga instructor in a standing pose with an outstretched hand towards the camera, demonstrating engagement and balance in a light-filled Shala Yoga studio in Squamish.

Getting Started

With Bhakti Yoga, the objective is profoundly personal and internal. It's about fostering love, devotion, and a profound connection with the divine. Embrace the journey at Shala Yoga Squamish, where you are invited to embark on this transformative experience. Remember, Bhakti Yoga's essence lies in your connection to the divine, nurturing love and devotion along the way. Welcome to your transformative journey at Shala Yoga Squamish.

"Let your practice be a celebration of life." – Seido lee deBarros

Ready To Start Your Yoga Journey?

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