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At Shala Yoga, our instructors are more than teachers; they're your guides on a transformative journey. Each brings their unique spirit, expertise, and passion to the mat, creating a welcoming space for growth and connection. Discover the stories, experiences, and philosophies that make our yoga family truly special. Join us to deepen your practice and explore yoga beyond the poses

Portrait of a smiling yoga instructor with warm, welcoming expression, wearing a blue top, showcasing a casual and friendly vibe at Shala Yoga studio in Squamish, symbolizing the studio's approachable and supportive community atmosphere.

Carmen Chornell

The practices of yoga and meditation have gifted me with immense self-discovery, inner spaciousness, and trust of my own teacher and intelligence within.

Joyful laughter of a woman outdoors with nature in the background, capturing the essence of happiness and relaxation that aligns with the uplifting and positive atmosphere promoted at Shala Yoga studio in Squamish.

Christine Selda

My yoga is one of shamanic roots from the songs and bones of the earth, the mountains, and the medicine peoples.

A focused yoga instructor at Shala Yoga studio in Squamish assumes the Anjali Mudra pose, her tattoos creating a unique contrast with the spiritual symbol on the wall behind her, embodying the studio's embrace of individuality and inner peace.

Crystal Borelli

Raised by Yogis & trained in India, Crystal is dedicated to her roots. Both in teaching, and her own practice, she focuses on the old traditions & practices of yoga….

Serene portrait of a mature yoga teacher with a gentle smile, wearing a red top and a string of beads, conveying the wisdom and nurturing spirit of Shala Yoga studio in Squamish.

Diana Lockett

M.Sc., E-RYT Diana has been a spiritual practitioner, guide and coach for over 25 years. She is the founder of Re-Align to…

Radiant smile of a yoga instructor in a navy blue top, her joyful expression reflecting the positive and uplifting environment of Shala Yoga studio in Squamish, inviting a sense of community and wellbeing.

Emily Buck

For over a decade I’ve been coming to my mat and doing my best to listen, learn and love.

Smiling young yoga instructor in a white tank top with a relaxed and friendly demeanor, conveying the welcoming and inclusive spirit of Shala Yoga studio in Squamish.

Gin Perry

I completed my 500 hr yoga teacher training with Christine Selda and the Shamanic yoga institute and continue to unpack the gifts that I received during….

Friendly male yoga instructor with a bald head and bright smile, wearing a white V-neck t-shirt, representing the approachable and professional staff at Shala Yoga studio in Squamish.

Jon Dickson

What is the nature of transformation? Who, or what, transforms? And what is well being and healing? These are some of the questions a philosopher, scientist, and artist explore.

Sincere and content yoga instructor with short hair, donning a sleeveless grey top, exemplifying the calm and friendly atmosphere at Shala Yoga studio in Squamish.

Kate Trincsi

I started practicing yoga in 1998 with an interest in deepening my understanding of meditation and the body-mind connection. In 2006, I completed my first yoga teacher training and haven't looked back since.

Confident yoga instructor in a casual black outfit standing in front of a waterfall surrounded by evergreens and autumn foliage, embodying the connection with nature that Shala Yoga studio in Squamish encourages.

Kristin Campbell

Kristin is masterful at holding a steady, and consistent energy. Her frequency is both grounding and uplifting simultaneously.

Cheerful and approachable young woman with glasses, wearing a tank top and a gentle smile, representing the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Shala Yoga studio in Squamish.

Laura Darcy

As a human first, 500YTT, artist, writer, human connector and educator of the Journey Home, Laura’s teachings invite us to tend to the intimacies…

Experienced yoga instructor with a confident gaze and hands gently placed on heart, wearing a sleeveless top and showcasing her arm tattoo, representing the blend of strength and grace at Shala Yoga studio in Squamish.

Liz Marleau

PRYT Yoga therapist. Yoga teacher. And forever student of holistic sciences. Liz has been a practicing yogi ever since she discovered the art whilst…

Energetic and friendly male yoga instructor with a beard, wearing a sleeveless dark tank top and a warm smile, epitomizing the inviting and positive energy at Shala Yoga studio in Squamish.

Matt Fernandes

Matt Believes that Yoga contains both discipline and softness. It is a journey toward self-realization; uncovering one’s true Self and honouring the.

Woman in a contemplative pose wearing a patterned dress, standing against the backdrop of the majestic snow-capped mountains near Shala Yoga studio in Squamish, reflecting the studio's commitment to harmony with the natural world.

Michelle Cronier

I grew up in the forests of Northern Ontario and have always had a very strong connection to the trees. Following whispers in the wind from the mountains…

Warm and welcoming yoga instructor with a gentle smile, wearing a simple black top, representing the accessible and friendly environment of Shala Yoga studio in Squamish.

Nicola Bennet

Dr. Nicola Bennett is a naturopathic doctor and an avid yoga practitioner and teacher. She was introduced to yoga by her gymnastics coach at age 16…

Portrait of a yoga instructor with a friendly and engaging smile, curly hair, wearing a black sleeveless top, capturing the personal touch and the warm community feel at Shala Yoga studio in Squamish.

Veronica Vukusic

I started practicing yoga in 1998 with an interest in deepening my understanding of meditation and the body-mind connection.

"It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self, and intelligence." – B.K.S. Iyengar

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