Gentle Flow Yoga Classes In Squamish

Gentle Flow Yoga is a soft, therapeutic style of yoga that incorporates stretches through gentle flowing movements. It does significantly for someone looking to unwind and relax and needs to gently loosen up and let go of the remains of a long or busier day. Gentle Flow Yoga at Shala Yoga Squamish is perfect for beginners, those with limited abilities, or those looking to slow down their practice.

Close-up of a yoga instructor's profile with her hand in Anjali Mudra, eyes closed in concentration, as other participants practice in the softly-focused background at Shala Yoga studio in Squamish.

Benefits of Gentle Flow Yoga

  • Stress Relief: The slow tempos and mindful movements help the mind and body to relax, reducing and relieving stress.

  • Increased Flexibility: The gentle stretches enhance flexibility and mobility, thus popular with freshers or persons on a journey of injury recovery.

  • Improved Mind-body Connection: This Yoga improves mindfulness and body awareness through attention to breath and movement.

  • For all Levels: It can be easily modified to suit you regardless of your previous experience.

Yoga participant in a child's pose, stretching towards a yoga block for support, in the calm, hardwood-floored practice space of Shala Yoga studio in Squamish, promoting relaxation and flexibility.

What Our Classes Offer

  • Guided Stretching: Through the entire beneficial stretch, it is gentle, flowing and easy on your body.

  • Flowing Sequences: Connects the movement from one posture to another via breath in a smooth and flowy sequence.

  • Relaxing Atmosphere: Practice yoga in an ambient environment that percolates into the practitioner's moods.

  • Personalized Guidance: Our instructors offer modifications and personal guidance to suit your level and needs.

Close-up of a focused yoga student in a half-lift pose with hands on yoga blocks, emphasizing proper alignment and attention to form, in the light and airy space of Shala Yoga studio in Squamish

Getting Started

  1. Join us at Shala Yoga Squamish for Gentle Flow Yoga, perfect for relaxation and gentle movement.

  2. Simply select a class, bring a yoga mat, and wear comfortable attire. Our classes, suitable for all levels, emphasize smooth, stress-relieving movements.

  3. Arrive early to get comfortable, and feel free to chat with our instructors about any needs.

  4. Embrace this calming practice at your own pace and let your stress melt away.

"Yoga is the golden key that unlocks the door to peace, tranquility, and joy." – B.K.S. Iyengar

Ready To Start Your Yoga Journey?

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